"Being a servant of the public is the most honorable thing you can do, as long as you fulfill your obligation."

-Jonh Mercadante

About John Joseph Mercadante

I was born in a suburb of Boston’s Middlesex County. Literally walking by American history that not realizing it, I was absorbing it all. Previously I’ve been recognized by the Mayor of Malden, MA for my unsolicited Civic Duty that seemingly never ended. Starting out as an apprentice Carpenter early in life had taught me to get it right the first time. Finding a more lucrative position with Aetna Life and Casualty in the Boston Branch, three years later I again found a more lucrative position, I became an Assistant Manager at a medium size grocery store and wholesale distribution center. Feeling the itch for more, I Attended Minuteman Vocational Technical Institute followed by Northeast Institute of Industrial Technology where I received my Diploma and immediately came to Miami. I have worked at many interesting sites such as Military, Federal, State, County and City sites including many Law Enforcement locations. The night Hurricane Andrew Andrew struck : Losing my new condo and two year old car, both were paid off, I inadvertently walked in on an interview (inadvertently casts me in many a situation always for the positive) during my interview with the ABC news anchor my up beat attitude made her curious why I was in good spirits, I simply respond ”all this can be replaced, I am alive!” On the five year anniversary of Andrew they approached me to do another interview, my response was ”why!” Apparently I had been seen nationwide for a year and didn't have a clue being out of communication for a long time. An injury had thrown me into a nest of corruption, I suffered through corrupt Attorneys, Doctors and an Insurance Company. My Attorneys dropped my case subsequently I was forced to represent myself in Civil Court directly related to the injury, I discovered that you don't realize what you are capable of achieving when cast into a situation, that issue changed my life to protect others from very little legislation to reign in this behavior. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine. Realizing you must get on top of your objective Politics was the way. I had been a part of the Honorable Mayor Ed MacDougall (R) for Congress team, joined the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County in 2012 to absorb processes and protocol. I had earned the trust to be a Republican Presidential Advisory Board member that reported feed back from the ground including honest opinions weather good or bad for a decision to be made or not. Also a Grassroots Team lead and affiliates with Republicans Party’s in Five States. My feet are firmly planted for my beliefs, with passion, I won't accept injustice in any form, this I prove all to frequently. If it's against the People of Florida and the American People, I'm in the battle for Justice! With that being the case, I became a Qualified Candidate for Governor for the Great State of Florida in 2018 and currently running for the 2022 seat again. Always wanting to give back, I was a Poll Watcher in 2016, 2018 and again in 2020. I was quite effective at such a small task. Looking back. my destiny was to live in Florida. It was the home of my Grandfather whom I remembered visiting frequently when I was a child or I had subconsciously made it happen. The current structure of Florida is not economically efficient, after going through this Covid epidemic, we need to be focusing on spending money where it's needed and not spending money on things that can be postponed, recovery is a priority. May God Bless America and our Great State of Florida.

This was captured from my hotel room balcony with my 75mm-300mm zoom lens.

I truly believe that when human beings were created, they were created equal and that shall be done.


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